This blog is still work in progress.

On my todo list is:

  • Create a mailing list support (done 🙂)
  • Add support for comments
  • Add contact form

Until then the easiest way to contact me is on LinkedIn - here.

Feel free to ask me anything about self-hosted or other related IT topics :)

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Expect to see more articles regarding self-hosted and cool open source projects.

Info about the analytics on this site

This site is not using Google Analytics. It is too complex for the simple visit counter I want and also can be too privacy intrusive.

This site is proudly using Plausible, which is open source, respects privacy, does not use cookies and does not do cross site tracking. Actually it will be easier to tell you what it does. It collects your public IP address, browser type, OS type and wether your are coming direct or from Google or some other site. That's it.

And the best part is that it's open source and can be self hosted (of course). This site is using the self hosted version and I will make a tutorial at some point on how to self host it.